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i love these pictures! funny thing about babies, the hafta eat, no matter where they are from....

Breastfeeding, Camboinhas, Niterói. Tribe Tekoa Mboya-Ty. By rbpdesigner, Ruy Barbosa Pinto

breastfeeding -- if it makes you uncomfortable when you notice this is being done in a public place, then don't watch, look the other way if you have to... simple as that. most mother's actually do try to cover up if it needs to be done in public anyway, it's really not a big deal.

Volunteer some where to help new breastfeeding moms or get involved with a breastfeeding campaign.

Less than 30% in OK and AR? Wow. Think moms need to feel empowered that they can do it.

The older they get, the more interesting the gym-nurse-tics get. The most hazardous foods to avoid while breastfeeding and the foods to avoid which result in colic, reflux and other problems which affect your breast milk and unborn baby. Baby breastfeeding, by Mauro...

Oh my goodness, let me count the ways and reasons I love this picture!! Look at how fat and chubby those babies are, plus the one on the right who looks like he has passed out. Oh, I just love this picture.

Oh this is one of my favorites - look at how powerful she is in her look.

breastfeeding breastfeeding!!!!!!!!!! Watch out, this mamas got it! You men folk just stand back. Shes all "what do you mean I cant breastfeed in public?".... LOL I love this pic!

The next time you get pestered for breastfeeding an older baby or toddler, remind them how things work in the animal world! #breastfeeding #extended #fullterm #motivation