Activism part of job description for these farmers at Little City Gardens in San Francisco

Chicken farmer in New York City

Tractor training for new farmers

Photo is from the Save a Black Farmer project

The New American Farmer

Fresh produce from The Santa Fe Farmer's Market.

Red Russian Kale - One of my all time favorite greens. Here in San Diego we can grow it as a perennial!

Cucamelons: they're grape-sized watermelons that taste like cucumbers with a tinge of lime. And they're totally easy to grow! » Have you ever tried these?? I have never heard of them, so cute!

Makes farming look easy.

Kohlrabi by wonderlandkitchen: Beneath the fibrous skin is a crisp and juicy vegetable which tastes a bit like broccoli stems or turnip and is good in salads, sauteed, baked or in soups. #Vegetables #Kohlrabi

Chickens are the stars at Tara Firma farm in Petaluma.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree

Bean House- just walk right in and pickem!


Trellis gardening, direct sun plants on outside, shaded plants on the inside --even doubles as a playhouse!!

25 discontinued foods- 90's kids will appreciate this fully