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  • Margaret Tolbert

    The toy handgun of choice in San Antonio in 1958. Nichols Stallion made in Texas. Stores sold split leather cowhide vests to go with the faux gem studded leather belt and holsters.

  • Denise McDonald

    Nichols Stallion .38 Cap Pistol (1955)

  • Dodie Kenyon Ricca

    I need a cap gun like this to scare the Grackles out of my trees. 1955 ad.

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Cap Bomb, loved them but they only exploded one cap at a time!! It didn't take much to entertain us back then!

.....Hmmm.....Amazingly played with toy guns and "white" and "black cowboy hats and ended up well-adjusted without a criminal record as an adult in today's world.

Seems I always had a View Master when I was a kid. 3D images of Flipper, the Flying Nun, 101 Dalmatians, Gentle Ben, Woody Woodpecker.

my two little brothers would play with these all the time and when they didnt have the gun,they would line up the capps on the sidewalk and hit them with a hammer...

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