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The Right Book Will Always Keep You Company.

A love supreme. A love supreme ... A love supreme. Today marks 50 years of The John Coltrane Quartet's A Love Supreme. "a sacred day for many music fans" as an NPR story calls Dec 9, 1964, the day A Love Supreme was recorded. Coltrane's "ultimate spiritual testament"

"Einstein's advice to Marie Curie on dealing with trolls: "Don't read that hogwash""

the best way to deal with a delayed flight. The Philadelphia Orchestra made the best of things while delayed on the Tarmac in Beijing.

3 year old recites Billy Collins poem. Perfectly moving. VIDEO

Women in Science: Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science | Brain Pickings

Security Camera Video Captures Good Too

Be inspired! Heavy D's last tweet before dying. 1 year ago today i was inspired by his final twitter post the day he died. From Timehop.

Soosan Firooz, first female Afghan Rapper. My inspiration today.

Fascinating study: Male beluga whale mimics human speech.

nice. more art more heart

Efterklang's new album, Piramida, comes out Sept. 25 and is fabulous! My fav Danish band gets better and better.

Dancing royals: Will and Kate shake it. Adorable!

Martian eclipse. Curiosity photos an eclipse from Mars created by the martian moon Phobos. Also, video of a martian eclipse.

Whimsical Sidewalk Art - The Little Green Alien

Beautiful theater turned into bookstore in Buenos Aires. I love the cafe behind the curtains.

Wisdom from Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Before you judge others, or claim ANY absolute truth, consider that.....

(P)imp. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister street art

Video: Efterklang - Hollow Mountain. New music from a fun Danish group.

Cincinnati Public Library Fountain. Fontaine de Jouvence by Olivier Duque.

Possible Banksy in Hackney, the Olympic host borough. Will the Olympics revitalise the relatively impoverished area of East London or merely gentrify the area?

Gallery of pics from Curiosity Mars Rover