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  • Denise

    Truth! All I lack is a job I love, and one more thing... it's a little thing... really.

  • Paige Wallace

    Or maybe a tiny house (:

  • Beth Keltner

    Give me a tiny apartment, enough food to ear, and a job I love. Yep that's the story of my life :)

  • Kristi

    love this quote for some reason

  • Erin Rogers

    This is all I want. The simple life of enjoying each day:)

  • Akanke Small

    So long as the apartment is in a relatively safe area, in a quiet building, and is in good liveable condition -- and the food is good, really good -- then yes, all I want are the simple things haha

  • Jana Lusk

    My American dream, and also my life starting this May =]

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