Someone says: Finally I found this, my life is complete! Best strapless, stays in place, pushes up, believe me on this, I have tried over a millions strapless bras and this by far, is the best! C cup or bigger, your search is over, you are welcome.

I should buy 7... One for each day of the week!

Trick To Keep Strapless Bra From Slipping

4 ways to knot a belt

sexy-without big words-just beautiful..


BLUMARINE |= Spring 2014

Classic 14K Rose Gold 3.0 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring R301-14KRGBDD. $1,099.00, via Etsy.

crashingcurrents: Agent Provocateur - Gene Corset

Love for work.

for bare/open back shirts

Celebrity bouncy boobs secret revealed by these breast tapes - they lift and hold your breast in perfect shape in an instant without a trace! They enhance your cleavage and boost your confidence straight away! ONLY $7.95

Gorgeous...if I had a place to wear this!

Cute complete outfit..... That's my kind of shopping!

Cute bow sweater

gorgeous bridesmaid dress

Cheap strapless bra into a backless dress or just a piece sexy bra !You are a queen !

sounds about right

Now i found the tutorial! Finally!!!

I'm pretty sure I have this under top. It's a lululemon sports bra and fits great. I really should wear it under more than just work out stuff. :0)