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    "Futurism Needs More Women"- Great piece by The Atlantic. I also see gender equity among professors & students in my #Foresight courses at the University of Houston. I wonder if additional questions may be: are female Strategic Foresight professionals going into other work w/ different titles; are these demographics shifting? I note that Strategic Foresighters stress important creative benefits of cognitive & demographic diversity w/in groups & professions. diversity as productivity imperative

    Lisa Rabey & Teamharpy apologize for defaming a librarian. Lisa Rabey, a former systems librarian, started an online campaign of defamation against a professional librarian with what she admitted were lies. Her false statements sparked part time Toronto librarian Nina De Jesus to write a damaging blog post taking Lisa Rabey’s claims at face value without checking facts or sources. Lisa Rabey (previously of Grand Rapids Community College) reveled in the damage she caused with her “…gossip and innuendo, not fact” See the Teamharpy apology teamharpy.wordpre... by both of the attackers. Lisa Rabey apologized, admitting and retracting her wrongdoing on her own page as well exitpursuedbyabea...

    Guest post for the Houston Foresight Blog about futures envisioned from recent news of the White House partnering to provide ebooks #libraries #ebooks #foresight

    How We Plan to Put a Librarian to Work at Our Tech Startup — En Route to Saenthood — Medium

    NCSU Libraries Now Lending The Apple Watch

    "The Plan To Give E-Books To Poor Kids" - very interesting

    NPR All Tech story on libraries, maker spaces, 3D printers, & rules “in an age where digital and technical literacy is stressed alongside traditional reading and writing, libraries are setting up plenty of space for the unexpected” #libraries

    Queens Library fills a need after NYC’s last sheet music store closes. #Libraries fill the gaps. Queens Library

    ‘Weapon of Mass Instruction’, A Tank-Shaped Mobile Free Library

    New York Times Article on NY Public Library lending wifi hotspots

    Presentation in Edinburgh for the European Innovative Users Group - "Innovative Library Directions"

    Keynote in Pretoria, South Africa at SAOIM. "Technical Analysis & Inspiration Points for Library Futures." Opportunities lie in the spaces between the technology notes. #saoim

    mLibraries Keynote Hong Kong, "The Post Mobile Library." Can libraries pivot to serve as tech test kitchens in the fully mobile world? Delivered at the mLibraries (Mobile Libraries) conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong #mlib14

    “Librarians who just like other heroic characters aren’t going to wait for someone else to solve their problems. Who are going to take a leap of faith and have the guts to make something happen.” New Zealand Library thought leader Sally Pewhairangi of Finding Heroes & Heroes Mingle w' an amazing example for the future of libraries w/ projects like Days of Creativity (everyday the library empowers a type of creativity) & Reality Librarianship. I spoke w/ Sally while in Auckland for #Metlib14

    What Public Libraries do for teens -Infographic from the Public Library Association’s 2012 PLDS Statistical Report.

    Conversation with Stephen Abram on insights for libraries. #TXLA14, #librarians

    I interviewed David Lee King about Technology Trends for libraries this year at Computers in Libraries #CILDC - here is the video with David's insights

    See you at Computers in Libraries (CIL) in DC Next Week for a Future Oriented Tech Talk & the Leadership Future of Libraries Survival Summit #CILDC

    Brooklyn Public Library researchers answered 3.5 million questions in 2013, records show - NY Daily News. "Despite the advent of online search engines, the number of library queries rose by 10% last year — the highest since at least 2009, according to new BPL data."

    Microsoft Officially Brings Office to the iPad and Some Analysis for Librarians

    Australian radio panel on “The Library of The Future” recorded in Brisbane at the State Library of Queensland with: - Joe Murphy (Director, Library Futures) - Simon Groth (Dir of if:book Australia, exploring the future of the book). - Jane Cowell (Director of Regional Access and Public Libraries, State Library of Queensland). - Eli Neiburger (USA remotely, Associate Director for IT & Production, Ann Arbor District Library). #libraries #library #librarians

    Aromatherapy at Anything's Camp Happiness during PLA - "Happiness is…"

    Impact by Collaboration: A SXSWi Phenomenon. Great post about the impact of librarians at SXSW. By Stacie Ledden. #sxswLAM #SXSW #libraries

    The public Library Directors Symposium, Public Library Association, and a surprise Kurt Vonnegut mural. Blog.