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  • Nancy Lee

    Many legumes, especially soya beans, are demonstrating impressive health benefits lower cholesterol levels: improve diabetics' blood glucose control reduce risk of many cancers lower blood pressure regulate functions of the colon prevent and cure constipation prevent piles and other bowel problems

  • Joie Weeman

    A low carbohydrate beans are those types of beans that have little carbohydrate but are very rich in protein and fiber contents. While referring to the South Beach dieting system, beans and some legumes are highly encouraged as very high quality sources of starch, extra nutrients and fiber. They are one of the few sources of glycemic source of carbohydrate apart from those vegetables which do not have starch in them since starch can either be absorbed slowly or can be resistant. #diet #workout #fitness #weightloss #loseweight

  • Carole Saravitz

    6 healthy filling foods

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