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Native to Mexico, Mexican tarragon has been used since Aztec times both medicinally and as a flavoring in food.

Vervain - used as a medicinal and sacred plant since ancient times. It reduces fever, eases childbirth, heals wounds, relieves pain and soothes the nerves and digestive system. It has been used in love potions and as a ward against malice.

Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe, or Corpse Plant (Monotropa uniflora) This plant produces no chlorophyll but is parasitic on mycorrhizal fungi.

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Medicinal Plants to Grow (My-FavThings)

Medicinal Plants to Grow

Strophanthus preussii [Corkscrew Flower, Poison Arrow Vine, Spider Tresses, Tassel Vine] Apocynaceae by Ricihard Foo TH: Medicinal uses of S. preussii include treatment of gonorrhoea and healing of sores. The plant has also been used as arrow poison. #Flowers

The ancient Romans used the fruit and flowers of the Althaea species of hollyhock in many culinary recipes. Hollyhock is also used in traditional Chinese Medicine. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, hollyhocks had a meaning of fruitfulness and ambition, and white hollyhocks were said to represent the female ambition.

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