acorn top ornamant

Natural Christmas Ornament - 20 Easy Handmade Holiday Ornaments and Decorations on HGTV I would glue a pretty red berry in the center of each acorn top or add a red satin bow for color!

Scrapbook Paper Ornament by Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace. I wish there was a tutorial for this!

Top 10 Things To Do With Scrapbook Paper ... Beyond Scrapbooking

My Favorite Ornament Our Daily Bread Stamping Amazing Paper Grace Does any know how to make the paper ornament?

Pinecone pom pom

~ Pinecone Kissing Ball ~ Love this! It looks easy to make, too. All you have to do is hang a styro foam ball and then hot glue the pinecones to it. And you could just dust it lightly with paint to get that frosted look. Love it.

Pine Cone Angel                                                                                                                                                      More

Pinecone Christmas Ornaments To Make

Simple, Fun, and Oh how Pretty.....

DIY snowballs - Made these snowballs by dipping syrofoam balls into a bowl of watered-down white glue ~~ then rolling them in another bowl of clear glitter. We used bamboo skewers (sticks) to hold onto them and stuck.

Pine Cone Ornaments : Click to See...EASY !! .... and pretty !

Decorate your Christmas tree beautifully with the Makers Holiday Pack of 8 Pinecone Ornaments-Gold. These Christmas ornaments are crafted in the shape of pine cones to match your seasonal decor settin