by Lizzy Stewart

Lizzie Stewart

Józef Wilkoń

This would be great if there was a small silhouette of red riding hood instead of another wolf

Stefan Zsaitsits - illustration

Lizzy Stewart

Solitaire-Solidaire : Photo

lizzy stewart for the working proof.

"I've always wanted to hug a big furry dangerous animal. No, really. Bears and wolves may apply." Is there a deadly animal you've always wanted to hug? Illustrate it!

The Labyrinth, Deer S Clothing, T Shirts, Tattoo, Drawing, Derpy Deer

lizzy stewart

Le Passager by öCkto

Lizzy Stewart's bear

Harry Clarke's illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe

Alessandro Gottardo | Ilustração | Illustration

michelle morin

Carlos Masberger : Lune, 1935


Quint Buchholz

Artist: Blake Suarez. #illustration #bears #art