I love this idea...the mother doesn't want a close up of her after delivery yet it captures the essence of the moment perfectly.

this shot is gorgeous!!

the bump + year one + year two.

Daddy and peanut are going to do this I giggled so much when I saw this I'd love to see it everyday in a frame.

hospital newborn session - all my favorite shots to get for hospital newborn sessions :)

I love the idea of taking a pic of the hospital


Incredible shot from the image is found. To capture this moment as it is unfolding is just amazing, it looks posed but if you see the other images in the post on On To Baby you know this was true photojournalism, but beautiful like a portrait. I am in awe.


Would love a picture like this

Adorable @Heather Davenport

newborn picture idea

love love love this

LOVE THIS! parents hands with wedding bands and baby in shot

the father's heart


Hospital pictures of newborn, for when you have a baby. You should take this with the 3 of you.

great capture!

for the future! perfect

SO precious

Would love to do this shot someday