DIY scarf out of old t shirt

OMG.... sO, im really into tshirt cutting, and came across THIS.... a bathing suit from a TSHIRT....OMG..great tute

Tie dye bleached shorts. I just did this to an old pair of jeans that I turned into cutoffs. I LOVE them. It turned out really well, and I want to do it again with some coloured denim.

DIY scarf !

DIY Tshirt headband- no sewing, just cut and tie!

DIY T-shirt scarf

How to add elbow patches to your cardigan.

Turn even the tiniest dorm room into a movieplex with a DIY smartphone projector.

Diy / Made From Cutting Up An Old Tee-shirt! I Will Be Doing This!

5 ways to cut a t-shirt to make it cute

Everyone’s got old t-shirts that are ignored in the wardrobe, but you can now turn an old t-shirt into an amazing scarf!

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T shirt scarf!

Make sure you use a t shirt with very thin, light material. I used a band shirt because I thought it would be so cute but it ended up being thick and stiff. It definitely was easy though!! -TM

Draped vest from mens large t shirt

DIY Shirt with cut-outs

diy beach coverup dress

This shirt is so A1!!! Strictly DIY!!! I kind of like this for the summer. With some leggings and sandals it makes an easy outfit! Just need time lol