In the womb.

These images were created for a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. He used a combination of ultrasound technology, tiny cameras, and computer design to create these incredible images that replicate what fetal animals look like.

These amazing embryonic animal photographs of dolphins, sharks, dogs, penguins, cats and elephants are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”. The show’s producer, Peter Chinn, used a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth. They are the most detailed embryonic animal pictures ever seen.

Bat Embryo


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC :: Extraordinary animals in the womb

Baby squirrel!!

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womb interiors

image from the National Geographic Documentary Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

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gorgeous gothy kitty

Lemon Shark in Womb

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A newborn Javan Lutung, also known as Javan Langur, is embraced by its mother, Smirre, in the Budapest Zoo in Hungary. The Javan Lutung baby, born Aug. 18, was the first of its kind to be born in Hungary. (Attila Kovacs/MIT/AP Photo) LOVE!!! honor it in all animals!!!

The pistol shrimp is only 1–2 inches (3–5 cm) long. It is distinctive for its disproportionately large claw, (larger than half the shrimp’s body) which does not have pincers at the end. Rather, it has a pistol-like feature made of two parts. A joint allows the “hammer” part to move backward into a cocking position like a gun. When released, it snaps into the other part of the claw, creating a cavitation bubble capable of stunning fish and breaking small glass jars.