Love this! Need to find a print so I can frame it for my soon to be craft room/studio.

Teacher Back to School Meme | Faulkner's Fast Five: 5 Reasons to Love TpT for Back to School



cubbies full of yarn

Knitting Maggie Smith. i too like to live dangerously


What all those words mean on your yarn label.

All about yarn


Knit Flowers

Me! Mee! Meee! Meeee! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!.

Knitting, gardening, weaving, canning, building things, sewing. Surely someone will keep me alive during the apocalypse. I'd be very useful after things settle.

knitting t shirt

Calculate your yarn. Ever wondered how? Here's a free guide

my daughter found this and I would love to find knitting pattern on how to make. Love it.

poster for the wall, this could be our motto!

knitting: intarsia knitting tutorial

Continental Knitting Video Course

I love yarn.

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