Burkina Faso, Africa


Himba woman wearing " leopard cone " shell (conus leopardus ) .Angola / Namibia border| photo by Javier Cambronero

**Lady from Dali

Guinea, West Africa

Africa | Amazing smile from a Rendille woman, North Kenya. Northern Kenya. Portraits / April 2009 by John Kenny

Africa | Young Surma/Suri woman, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Alessia de Marco

Gabbra woman - Kenya ~ she may have aged, but she did it with style and grace and has fire in her eyes

Köylü Güzeli , Turkey

ORANGE & PARK - Africa print

Africa: mother and son

Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Africa. Portrait of African indigenous by Qin Peng max_qin

Burkina Faso - Africa #wink :)

Mursi Woman Ethiopia


I have some necklaces like these made by the Masai women in Kenya beautiful colours


Woman from Mali

Africa | Berber woman from the Ait Atta (nomads), Morocco.

Dassanech Woman . Ethiopia

Africa: Afar girl, Ethiopia