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I can see them staying up all summer for outdoor events. Just use this star punch to make gold and silver foil stars. I also used some glitter paper that I found at a scrapbook store. Add a round punch in the middle and slide them onto your tiny bulbs. I added a touch of hot glue to keep them in place. The foil will reflect an extra sparkle onto your starlit party. Shine on!

DIY: hardware store cake stand

This is a very simple and straight forward way to create 3D paper stars

Green Apples, 3D paper art. LOVE for my September decorating

Fall Paper Pumpkin Craft by sweet.dreams

Paper pumpkins. You need a popsicle stick and paper. I know what else we're doing, only this time it's for Halloween. So we don't have to cram another thing on our summer list of "things to do." (: haha!

diy-paper-book-pumpkin. Part of me thinks, "oh, how cool!" While another part thinks, "what a waste of a perfectly good book!" Lol

Vintage Atlas 3D Paper Mobile Star Strings by MaisyandAlice etsy