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  • Tabitha Hand

    iPhone camera lens

  • Beth Buchholz

    Lenses for my iphone camera! They are magnetic and stick to the iphone. $49 for all three lenses: fisheye, macro, wide angle and telephoto. Someone please get this for me for Christmas!

  • Holly Bassett

    iPhone Lens' • Wide Angle, Macro and Fisheye.

  • Julie Mak

    Presenting three small yet powerful lenses: the Fisheye, Telephoto, and Macro/Wide Angle Cell Phone Lenses. These finely constructed lenses transform your standard phone photos into wide, up-close, super zoomed and wonderfully warped wonders. They work with any camera phone (even the slick glass on your new iPhone 4!) and attaching them is easy breezy! A detachable magnetic ring sticks to your cell, providing a sturdy, shake-free hold between the lens and your phone. The Wide Angle/Macro Lens is the perfect pairing. The removable Macro ring captures shocking high quality close-up detail while the Wide Angle Lens allows you to cram more into one shot. Perfect for video chatting or group shots. The Fisheye Lens creates fun-tastic curved edges with a 180-degree angle that makes everyone look like they live in a plastic bubble (or a Beastie Boys music video). Then there's the latest addition to the phone lens family: the super handy Telephoto lens. It gives your little-phone-lens-that-could super duper 2x zooming powers.

  • Luci Meylan

    BRILLIANT idea, great thing, cool for all phones! - fisheye, macro, wide angle and telephoto phone lenses.

  • Kelly F

    Fisheye, Macro, Wide Angle and Telephoto Lenses for iPhone! (Father's day gift!)

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Macro/Wide Angle & Fisheye Lenses for your cell. These work with any cell and attach with magnetic rings. $20 for Macro/Wide Angle; $25 for Fisheye; $40 for all.

What fun and a great chance to play with phone photography! Pro quality Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle and Macro cell phone lenses (and they work with any camera phone)! All three for $49

Must have: Colorful lenses attach to the camera viewer on your iPhone to create all sorts of effects! Coiled keychain attached.