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Fisher Price record player, before we had a TV set, we listened to stories and songs on one of these....wish I still had all our story albums, Uncle Remus and king Midas were my favorites

{this would be such a cute grouping up on a shelf} Collection of stacking toys

Tinkertoys. My kids spent many hours constructing things with these wooden sticks and wheels. Creative entertainment

chatter phone #fisher_price #vintage Everyone had at least one of these things and everyone also thought they were annoying!! lol

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

Vintage Toy from Fisher Price I used to play with this at my grandmas all the time!!!!

Toys From the 60s and 70s | this is the one I remember my grandma had at her house

when he first saw this toy, my teenage son, who had never seen an old-school cash register before, said, "What is that, Baby's First Slots?"

Oh, yes, I had one of these! I loved it so much. I remember lemon twisting in my grandparents' back yard. I remember how smooth and worn the lemon got from rubbing against the concrete. I remember the sound of the lemon (it had beads in it so it was like a rattle). So nice to see this. =)

I can still hear the old robotic voice, lol....this was OUR iPad (or Leapfrog, lol)

One of my favorite toys! I want some vintage toys for baby Catto.