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Yep- when my husband isn't at home, that's so me!

Ok so true story, I was driving with my mom in the car a few days ago and on one if those signs like that, it said in big bright orange letters "night stripping" me and my mom laughed so hard I almost peed my pants

Now that I've wasted an hour on Facebook, I'll just hop over to Pinterest and make a night of it.

For my next trick I will turn this 12 pack of beer into an evening of poor decisions, bad singing and a hangover. | Friendship Ecard |

I think it's time to plan a crap talking, venting, wine drinking night..... I mean let's plan a girls night out.

Classy women don't have one night stands. We just had auditions, and you didn't get a callback.

This would be my luck... Gotta love dumbass moments :)

Yeahhh....I do this every night. Doing it right now, in fact lol

Kinda wanna do the bookstore one but just me :p that would be fun next time I venture out to chapters

Thus why I am up right 230 am and have to get up in 4 hours for work.

Uz can't sleep? My cat from 3 to 4 in the morning or until he gets fed.