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Why vehicular traffic #congestion is indicative of economic vibrancy -rethinking the economics of mobility.

that awkward moment when your dearly departed's coffin falls into oncoming traffic...

I totally do this! I hate it when people hold up traffic

Traffic with George Carlin

That point in a traffic jam when suddenly the road is wide open continues to be one of life's greatest mysteries.

Lovely story about a boy understanding the quote "if we all contribute a little piece, we can bring big changes"

Winnipeg innovative social housing, architect wrong drink and drugs

A ducking traffic congestion moment

Piet Oudolf at Bury Court by C J Harris, via Flickr

Lloyd’s of London Building by Richard Rogers

Not all traffic congestion is bad. Why #LevelofService is the wrong metric to use for planning our streets.

Growing skin... Stacking Green / Vo Trong Nghia

shed01 by { designvagabond }, via Flickr

Villandry Castle Garden, France

And I thought that, it only happens in India..

Communities Aren't Just Places, They're Social Networks - Jobs & Economy - The Atlantic Cities

Lost in Movement / by Moeys Photography

Terminal 4 - Barajas - Madrid

The Car Park Tower by Mozhao Studio, Hong Kong

2014 Magnatec Stop-Start Index. Worst cities traffic