Making a big life change can sometimes be the best thing that ever happened to you. I learned this last year. I love you Jeff.

Change...its a good thing

so true


Except I know that I don't have time to do all I want to. Don't take life or your loved ones for granted

This is one of the things I want everyone to know. There are gonna be moments when you're alone in life and when you depend on others you only feel worse, you need to learn to make yourself happy. HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND.

So true.

Needed this today :)


It's one of the perversities of life ... but the lessons that have most changed my life are the ones that were rooted in pain


I am indeed exactly where I should be.. With the love of my life & my amazing family.. I couldn't be happier.. Life is great.. :))


Be careful with your words

Live life.



I'd say stop bullying, but clearly it doesn't work. So stop falling victim to bullying! You've got to be strong and rise above the bullies. Don't sink beneath them or you're just a letting them win.

so true...