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I just plain love this. "When the doctor and his companions switch clothing" HA

Thank you for justifying my book thing David and my slightly less (this doesn't cheapen it!) film and TV thing... and other thing things :D

Dr Pooh: there is so much right with this! LOL!

Doctor Eight is still one of my favorites, right there with Four, Ten, and Eleven.

This is the one problem I have with Clara. They all had a certain relationship with the Doctor that was touching and sweet in different ways, but Clara and the Doctor really didn't have that definite chemistry because he sees her as more of a mystery than a person.

Doctor Who. You never forget your first doctor

I made a 'Missing TARDIS' flyer one day because I was bored and what I put on for contact information was "To contact use psychic paper or just yell 'DOCTOR' really, really loudly." I'm not even kidding when I say this made my day.

That kid freaked me out, but the Dalek was funny, definitly with all of them togheter. YOU SHALL NOT BLASPHEME. EXTERMINATE. TARDIS MATERIALISING. THEEEEE DOCTOR? YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF ALL DALEKS!

And in this moment I was a Whovian and grabbed his hand and ran!

Now, this is Doctor Who, really it. Except for Matt Smith--really? If they were going to add a modern doctor, why couldn't it have been Tennant--by FAR the better choice, there.

[Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor from Doctor Who TV Series - Minimalist Illustration Typography Art Print & Poster]__________ The last words of the 9th to Rose Tyler, "Rose...Before I go, I just wanna tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I."

Chibi Doctor series - 9 by SelanPike