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The shep will believe it never happened. That Obama made it up. Whatever shit that their tiny brains can come up with so they don't have to hurt themselves thinking too hard!

True....but the American people still have the power to keep this Putin backed oligarch and his cabinet from destroying our democracy.....

*** Events are on both the 19th ("Concert") & 20th (Inaugural events) ...

Had I been American, I would have voted for Obama twice. I'm glad this is one regret I don't have to live with.

The emperor has no clothes - and is woefully unfit to lead

In contrast to $8.3 Trillion (!) that the Pentagon has "misplaced" since 1996.

They are the generation of entitlement even though they have not earned it. We have liberals/progressives to thank for that nonsense!!

Dear celebrities, please constantly criticize Trump for the next four years. He'll be so busy ranting about you on Twitter that he won't have the time to destroy our country & kill us all. Signed, the American people.

Heck yes!!!! I lived in downtown San Francisco for 31 years, until 2011 and saw so many Vietnam Vets especially, struggling on the streets... this is WRONG and must be changed.....Americans first, please. That does not eliminate others....but our nation first.