DeBeers: In celebration of the Jubilee Harrods commissioned 31 global brands to produce a crown.

Tudor Royal Crown

Queen Victoria's small diamond crown was created at the request of Queen Victoria in 1870 as she found the Imperial State Crown too heavy - part of the Crown Jewels in The Tower of London

Crown jewels of England

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: De Beers pay homage with a Talisman crown Diamond jeweller giant De Beers marks the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a crown containing a staggering 974 diamonds, to be displayed in Harrods.

Side view of the diadem of (French) Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais (Napoléon's first wife). Made for her coronation in December 1804.


Crown of Queen Louisa Ulrika, consort of King Adolf Frederick, Sweden (1751; diamonds, enamel, silver, velvet). Crown of the queen consorts of Sweden.

Puportedly Rennaisance Crown 1550 Portugal/Machado de Castro/National Museum

Queen Victoria's small diamond crown on display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London

Queen Victoria's Widow Crown is one of the pieces displayed for the Queen's diamond Jubilee

Duchess Royal Crown Tiara Windsor

Queen's Consort Crown or Crown of Queen Christina and Queen Maria Eleonora, Sweden (1620; diamonds, rubies, gold, enamel).

The coronation crown of Louis XV. It was originally set with the Regent and Sancy Diamonds, the Sancy being the larger stone at the top of the crown in the fleur-de-lis. The Regent is in the circlet on the front of the crown.

Antique French Tiara/Crown Jeweled 1900s

Crown of Louis XV of France

French Antique Crown

The British Crown Jewels

This small diamond crown, as worn by Queen Victoria for her official Diamond Jubilee portrait in 1870, will also go on display. The crown was made by Garrard, but not made from the Cullinan Diamond.

Crown Prince of Norway's Crown

De Beers Engagement Ring