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Bluebeary Treasures

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Sue Pendleton

Crocheting Pattern

Bluebeary Treasures - Sue Pendleton

Pattern Miniature

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Bluebearytreasures 7

Miniature crocheted bears and animals by one of the most talented crochet artists, Sue Pendleton of Bluebeary Treasures!

Matilda Crocheted

Crocheted Sheep

Amigurumi Hats

Amigurumi Ideas

Miniature Delight

Lamb Doll

Lemouton Free

Matilda Lemouton

Cute Lamb

Mathilda Le Mouton by bluebeary treasures, Sue Pendleton

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Diane Crochets

Raggedy Ann & Andy are so wonderful. Sue Pendleton from Bluebeary Treasures offers this new twist on an old classic with a great crocheted pattern.

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Elspeth, A Little Crocheted Bear by Sue Pendleton Published in Bluebeary Treasures on Ravelry Craft Crochet Category Doll Clothes Softies →...

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Tiny Treasures: Remember These Mary..

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Russian Dollhouse

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Russian Women'S

Russian dollhouse made of clay. It took my breath away.

Royalmint Etsy

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honey bear

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Russian doll house

Etsyfrom Etsy

Luxe Feminine Soft Qiviut Shawl Made by Alice Scherp from "Successful Lace Knitting" Donna Druchanus

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Felted & Delightful!

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Miniature Tree Houses Make Houseplants Way More Interesting

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Tutorial: Dollhouse Charcoal Grill

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Parrot scarf

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Cockatoo Scarf

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14 Cockatoo

For the lady with a sense of humor: a parrot scarf.

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purse charm

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Paperkraft J

Sizes Gallibellimg

Eureka Agency

Paper Houses

The Goddess

Dollmaking Tutorials

gallibellimg (98) by pilllpat (agence eureka), via Flickr

Garlands Mantle Wreaths

Diy Garland

Dyed Garland

Garland Backdrop

Dyed Coffee

Diy Coffee

Garland Reception

Garland Partydecor

Green Bottoms

coffee filter garland