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    I cried at their wedding!

    The Office Stanley, Kelly, Michael, Pam, Phyllis Jim, Dwight, Andy, Creed ...CREED.

    screw Romeo and Juliet I want love like Jim and Pam

    vampire jim

    Jim and Pam ♥

    Best.Photo.Ever: The Office cast after Steve Carell won his Golden Globe in 2006

    is it possible to fall in love with a couple?

    Jim and Pam

    Jim and Pam

    Pam & Jim ♥♥♥


    If you don't love them, I'm sorry but you're wrong.

    the brilliance of Jim and Pam

    Jenna Fischer in an awesome appearance on Jimmy Fallon telling about hpw when she's out with her husband people see her and get excited to see "Pam" but then look at her husband and say "you're not Jim!" and get really angry. She seems pretty amused ans not at all upset by this. I think it's adorable and shows how much Jenna and John and identified as being with each other.

    Pam and Jim Halpert

    If I could have a relationship just like someone else it would definitely be Pam and Jim's.

    The Office

    oh the office.

    And some guys really do get offended over things like that

    Jim and Pam