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  • Christine Royer

    Game Board Storage Art store the game pieces in a plastic bag behind the board! Great way to decorate the game room!

  • Micki Hunn

    Game Board Storage Art | Convert your board games into art and store the game pieces on the back. This is the perfect excuse for me to get a new miter saw! :D

  • Brad Beck

    Game board storage and wall art, all in one --- reverse shadow box frame with game pieces hanging behind. Take it down, play around, then hang it back on the wall when you're done!

  • Sarah Nightingale

    Game Board Storage Art-- Brilliant! Similar to the(permanent) idea of gluing puzzles together and framing them; framing board games hiding the pieces in a bag behind allows for artwork as well as organization in the playroom. Love it!

  • Kristen Wilke

    Game Board Storage Art - Okay, this gal is a lot more handy with power tools than I would ever hope (or, honestly, want) to be! BUT - I love this idea!! I've always wanted to used glued together puzzles as wall decor - could you imagine filling the walls of a play room or game room with framed games and puzzles?! I would L O V E I T !!! :-D

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Game boards as wall art. This is a great idea since you can usually find incomplete board games at thrift stores and garage sales... the pieces you have left can be used for other projects/put into a bin for the kids to use in art projects later! - Play room

love using these bags, we use the bigger ones for saving clothes in the attic, but the smaller ones I have been using for Cassidy's toys. Yesterday we put all of her magnetic princess sets into one! :)

Key storage box from cigar box covers, game boards and other parts and pieces

Board game storage....There is no way to say how much I need this...add a second one for puzzle storage....

Store and organize board games in a hanging sweater organizer. Never thought of this.

Homemade Game pieces. So perfect for family game nights OR in the classroom. Brilliant!

Great idea for playroom- Board games hanging on wall (no glass front in frame), baggie on back to hold pieces (screw eyelets in corners of board) and hang with ribbon - keeps games organized and looks great too

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Here's a simple idea for using LEGO blocks to count. Students move around the board adding or subtracting blocks from their tower. At the end of the game, players count how many they have and the player with the most wins! (They can also compare towers by length.)

Inexpensive headbands.  They are just the right size elastic to wrap around the average board game box so that you can stand them up in a closet without fear of lids coming loose.