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  • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

    "I always buy another book when I still have ten to read." Spoken like a true book lover. :) I have to have a big stash of books to choose from, otherwise it just doesn't feel right. :) #book #novel #read #reading #quote

  • Whitney Eagan

    Not really a book worth reading but so my life!

  • Kel Giese

    I don't buy them, I borrow them from the library but it's basically the same thing.

  • Grace Graunke

    I always buy another book when I still have one to read. Spoken like a true book lover <3 truly the story of my life

  • Emma Hemingway

    I always buy another book when I still have one to read. Spoken like a true book lover <3..........This is so true!!!

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I'm not against Kindles at all, but I suspect I'll always prefer paper books. Holding them, flipping the pages, smelling them, feeling the paper, everything.

I want to try to draw this. Also the owl looks overwhelmed. BE HAPPY, Owl! YOU HAVE ALL THE BOOKS!

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Yes I'm a book sniffer. I love old book smell. Like the classics. Or at least 10 or 15 years old. I love new book smell too. Completely different =)

THIS IS HONESTLY MY LIFE when I was in step 2 for Sherlock I yelled really loud"NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MY PAIN!" right after the whole room went silent.....

Holy Moly...this is SO freaking TRUE. Someone just asked me this the other day, and I stood there with my mouth open because I couldn't even fathom picking just ONE.

i really would! lol this would look nice in my bedroom, it would match the light turquoise i think

How many people have said to me "books are boring!". Those same people read Cosmo and Hello. I think that says it all...