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Komondor Dog : This is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat. Its is also referred to as 'mop dogs,' the Komondor is a long-established powerful dog breed that has a natural guardian instinct to guard l

An underrated benefit of having an Old English Sheepdog: Free Extra Pillow!

My ou blom kon ook so lekker by my in kruip en mis hom nog steeds

This Dog Has No Idea What He Is Doing cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets funny animals funny pets funny dogs

Remember that funny picture of a beautiful golden retriever seated at a computer with the caption “I have no idea what I’m doing?” Her owner has come forward with more hilarious photos of her dog doing human things and being totally confused.

Speed demon Old English Sheepdog.

Watch out cause here comes Archie! He is a fast dog despite his clumsiness. He likes to race other dogs and wins almost every time. He is 1 year old.

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I don't know what the puppy/bear is doing, but it is adorable so it does not matter what the puppy/bear is doing.

Largest Mastiff Breed | ... dog the great dane dog by the name of george is the tallest largest

Largest Mastiff Breed is the tallest breed of dog. The Great Dane dog by the name of George is the tallest largest dog ever recorded. He's 7 feet long, 43 inches from paw to shoulder and weighs at 252 lbs.

19 Fluffy Puppies Who Might Actually Be Bears

19 Fluffy Puppies Who Might Actually Be Bears

Puppies With Puppies. Would love a picture like this of Bella but I would have to gather the shredded pieces all over the house :(

Sleeping And Cuddling

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