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  • Catherine Boyer

    Hipster cat- When I'm hanging out in Brooklyn with all the cool cats. Sara should come visit me!

  • Jessica Cangiano

    Hipster kitteh says, "Oh, you're just learning about Tasteh Kitteh Noms now? Mah, I've liked that brand of cat treats since back when they were being made by one dude in his garage!" :D #cute #hipster #kitty #cat #kitten #lolcat #glasses

  • Proactive Wellness | KidsPopHealth

    Meowzers... #hipstercat #cute #kitten

  • Justine Greene

    right, normally he'd go to the menagerie, with the other #cute #animals but he's rockin' & beanie & big glasses - he's gotta be here ~grin~ #hipster #cats #geekchic

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