• Karen F. Lambert

    Fishtail Braid Hair Styles | Hottest Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for 2013 | Hairstyles Weekly

  • Alyssa Iverson

    Cute Long Hairstyles for School – Sweet Braided Hair Style for Students Imaginative and playful, this style is a great example of how creativity can change long straight hair into something totally chic and new! The fabulous diagonal plait showcases the contemporary trend towards braiding and thrilling asymmetry. Beginning on one side behind the ear,[Read the Rest]

  • Unicorn Princesse Tiffy

    Fishtail braid hair bow hairstyle.

  • Shaniqua

    Fishtail wrapped ponytail (with a bow braid for flair) to make the bow: 1.dont fishtail braid all the down 2.take the two hair sections 3. bring one section above and one section below the the part of the fishtail braid thats already been wrapped around the pony tail 4.make a bow as if tying a shoe lace

  • Abby Burns

    hat, hair, braid, braided, fishtail, fishtail braid, bow, hair bow, bow braid, braid bow |

  • Priscilla Olivarez

    Pictures : How to Style Little Girls' Hair - Cute Long Hairstyles for School - School Hairstyle

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Has anyone ever seen this before?! This is such a great idea! #copper hair tubes over a simple braid. I #love it!!

Top knot w/ wrap around braid.

Double diagonal braid....Awesome survivalist hair, if you skip the bow and add in some twine....

Did this for my sister's Valentine's Day wedding in 2006 (yes, I am a licensed cosmetologist), and I put satin roses into the heart and then wrapped the ponytail in matching satin ribbon. It was a beautiful swap for a veil (which would have driven her batty anyway). Heart-shaped braid is always a hit, though!

ten-minute-hairstyles. I tried a couple of these and I actually made it work, which is rare for me lol

My Yellow Sandbox: Hair Styles I can totally do this ... no french braid involved!

. It’s just a regular braid, but instead of taking 3 equal sized pieces like you do in a normal braid, you just make one piece smaller than the other 2.

Hair Tutorial // Fishtail Braid I finally figured this out! So super excited about it :) It's not hard at all.