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Put class list in a frame to easily mark and erase. It would be cool to add a line at the top where you could write what you're checking off such as "Field Trip Money." that way you can easily keep track with a collection and the kids can see it, eliminating the constant questions!

LOVE THIS! Use a tap-it light to show think alouds during your read alouds. Tap the light "on" when you stop reading and discuss what the text makes you think. Helps students to "see" the difference between your reading and your thinking. Could also use to let students know when you are not available, during reading/writing conferences, etc.

Wie krijgt er onverwachts een beurt. Ben je geweest dan is jouw stokje rood en anders geel

Our Class Auction project! 2nd graders painted the jumbo-popsickle sticks and we arranged them on foam core and framed them in an open back frame.


First Day of School Activities for Big Kids