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"I hate it when my dentist asks when the last time I flossed was. I'm like, dude, you don't remember? You were there."

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16 Moments In Life Everyone Can Relate To

Hahahahaha..YUP! Happened to me on the highway yesterday. I was driving 65 and they had to be doing 80. caught up to them everytime at the road construction!

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Admit it, you know all this to be true (50 Photos)

The truth.

This Boss's Day, I would like to say thank you for the job that gives me health insurance that covers my anxiety medication that I need to take because of this job

Ecard of the Day | I hate when cashiers ask, 'Will that be it for you?' Um no, I'd like all this invisible shit, too. #funny_ecards #ecards #funny

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Please cancel my subscription... I've had enough of your issues.