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this happens:: I look at beautiful pictures like this and I think "I would run there. What would I wear to run in that landscape/climate?".... :)

An older version of Damian. As much as I love this idea I don't think Damian would pierce his ears also does anyone know for sure that he will be known as nightshade if so please comment

Prompt -- you die and wake up in a dark room with a man wearing a dark hood and white gloves. he instructs you that he is death and you are to take over as his apprentice

from The Knot

NWR: Bad Mamma Jamma boot.. for shoe lovers only

I can imagine no occasion that could possibly occur in my life that would merit the wearing of boots like these. However, they are really beautiful--love the lace effect of the cut-outs and the subtle opalescent glitter. They are shoes for my imaginary younger alter ego.