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Chamber Music -- James A. Joyce. This poetry collection is, shall we say, schizophrenic but entirely beautiful--like Joyce himself!

James Joyce- @Courtney Baker Wrigley This is a page from the book you and Andy got AJ for christmas last year. Best book ending of all time.

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man -- James A. Joyce. This book will tear your soul in half and make it into something better.

Albert Einstein: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." | Visit my Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Collection for more.

Fahrenheit 451 with a strike zone on the spine and a match on the cover.

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This is definitely what agitates, motivates and moves me. "Run from what's comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation, Be Notorious."

Roald Dahl

The fact that some pompous group of people tries to keep me from reading books is amusing. They do not realize that they are, in reality, hurting their own cause! For not only do I still read the banned book, I purchase it.

Carl Sagan

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends...

Harper Lee

Though I think the people who did Harry Potter got it right up until the end! So congrats to them!(: The people who did The Help, Eragon, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are TERRIBLE. I am SO disappointed in you. So take that rage from a 15 going on 16 year old :P ...... Sorry has to leave that cause its so true so also take the rage from a 12 going on 13 year old.....

Aristotle this is a good quote but the same guy view women as deformed and imperfect males..(never mind that stupid little giving birth thingie )sigh

The Road Not Taken (1915) - Robert Frost. My favorite poem from one of my favorite poets!

Albert Einstein quote - Perfect for my son who hates trying new things because he is complacent with what he knows.

Mindfulness can ensure that words are not used to promote fear, hatred, intolerance and instead used for love, faith, encouragement and compassion.

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