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Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, a 22-year-old white quarterback who has been an integral part of two-national championship teams, a role-model and ambassador for the troubled sport and the epitome of all that a student-athlete can represent, as opposed to just athlete-students:        “Tebow was born on August 14, 1987 in the Philippines to Bob and Pam Tebow, who were serving as Christian missionaries at the time.While pregnant Pam suffered a life-threatening infection with a pathogenic…

"We needed more courage and character that day.” – Tim Tebow after UGA danced in the Florida Gator end zone.

12-Year-Old Girl’s Speech On Abortion Will Leave You Speechless

Girl’s Speech on Abortion Leaves Her “Pro-Choice” Teacher Speechless

down+syndrome+quotes | Screening for Down syndrome - A community perspective - Right to Life ...

of children with down syndrome are aborted - they have a right to life just as any other child!

Like with short hair only!!

Tom Brady

"Terrific" Tom Brady is a handsome man who plays quarterback for the New England Patriots.

He does this every single game! Invites someone with a disability to his game. Hangs out with them before the game, and then has dinner with them afterwards...win or lose! The world needs more Tim Tebows....people that do amazing things in the name of Jesus Christ!

Tim Tebow Was Mic'd Up Against the Chicago Bears: Top 5 Telling Sounds

Tim Tebow

& the crowd is not a winning approach to life. In the end it& a loser& game, because we never become who God created us to be by trying to be like everyone else& - Tim Tebow.

Cruelty v. Choice. ...because the world would be a better place filled only with cute animals and people that we "like," whereas those whom we deem inconvenient and ugly are to be disposed of, right?

If you are for abortion, what if you and your baby switched places? Are you still just tissue and not alive?

Tim Tebow -- oh yeah!!

Tim Tebow in The 2011 ESPY Awards

"Tim Tebow In Love Triangle With Taylor Swift & Dianna Agron" Hollywood Life (March

"Tim Tebow: the Philippines’ NFL Football Hero" Definitely Filipino (December 26, 2011)

"Tim Tebow: the Philippines’ NFL Football Hero" Definitely Filipino (December


They are for saving trees, whales, birds and then march for the right to kill little innocent unborn girls and boys in the womb.

Fighting to Defend Life. #ProLife

Fighting to Defend Life. I have rarely agreed with many of Reagan's ideas/ politics but God rest his soul for fighting to defend life.

if you're considering abortion please talk to someone first. you're more than welcome to talk to me. Adoption is an option. <3

Guest Post: He Sits & Knits

Oh so sad :( If we honored each baby aborted since 1973 with a moment of silence we would be silent for over 100 years. This is sad. so very, very sad.