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  • Stormy Shelton Pendleton

    Books. nerd girl problem #45

  • Shain McClain

    Psshhhh who needs sleep and as for food i got two hands one for book and one for food nerd problem fixed!!!!!

  • Maci Montgomery

    i dont post to many 'nerd girl problems' but when i do, it all relates to The Hunger Games somehow or another..

  • Makenzie Logan

    this is seriously a major problem! ESPECIALLLY when I was reading the Hunger Games..

  • Amber Young

    Nerd Girl Problem #45 can't wait til I can read a good book again!

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you other covers can't deny. When a book opens up and its not double spaced and the plots all in your face, you get sprung!

My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt... But it should day pinning in bed until my arms hurt.

story of my life. I hate when real life interferes with reading!

Every time. It's soul-crushing. And if/when my books are made into films, I will not allow this to happen. Dang it.

Having to wait to discuss a book with a friend when you finished it in a day, and they're not finished after a week.

The madness you experience when you're waiting for the next book in your series to come out.

Choosing between finishing your homework that's due in tomorrow or finishing a really good book.

this bothers me so much - I will go out of my way to find the cover that's NOT the movie poster.

Sometimes less awkward, and more eye rolling - think "what price is this" as standing in front of price sign a la "Clerks"