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  • Alicja Psiuk

    Karlie Kloss is a Flawless Retro Beauty for Americana Manhasset

  • Cassie

    Pastel lips

  • Cory Willet

    #KarlieKloss, and yes... I am the most #beautiful creature on the planet. At my birth, Hera was so #jealous, that she actually teamed up with #Aphrodite, to try to do away with me... funny, I know.

  • Lauren Gerhard

    Karlie Kloss: lip color

  • Paria

    Karlie, looking classically flawless. Light makeup, retro hair look.

  • Christy Spurling-Snyder

    (Hair Color) Karlie, looking classically flawless.

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Perfect hair-down style for formal event....large barrel curling iron and lol lots of bed head hair spray please. So darling and elegant!

i'd so love to try something vintage / pin-up / unique & structured like this for some stylish dress-up event in my future.

8 DIY Retro Hair Trends for Spring; I don't know why, but I am crazy about the 'bump it' effect. Maybe it's affect. I don't know. (:

Red has guts …. deep, strong, dramatic. A geranium red. A Goya red … to be used like gold for furnishing a house … for clothes, it is strong, like black or white. ~Valentino~

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