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    Learn about your brain. Work together. Change together.

    Mental illness and its huge stigma is one of the worst problems in the world.

    Infographic Talks about 30 things you should start doing for yourself, will help you to improve your life.


    ... Also needed: the wisdom to know the difference. #inspirational #quote #typography

    Right brain. Cool website:

    Quote on mental health: Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is.

    How to train your brain to stay positive.

    Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.

    To change your life, you need to change your priorities.

    15 Things to Give Up If You Want to Be Happy and De-stress. Need to hang this on my mirror to study every morning.

    Anxiety | Mental Illnesses Taking The Form Of Real Monsters

    Quote on mental health stigma: You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.

    Quote on mental health stigma: Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.

    What to do when you are sad.

    A normal versus bipolar brain scan. I certainly feel like the bottom one. Always on overdrive, always on the verge of overheating.

    Mental illness is not a choice - but recovery is

    Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness. Those are actually the days I am fighting my hardest.


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