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    • Elaine Lin

      "It doesn't matter how old or gangster you are - if a toddler hands you a toy phone, you answer that shit."

    • Staci Skinner

      ill be in the middle of a conversation and if my nephew brings me his toy phone i drop everything and have a conversation with his imaginary friend! :)

    • Meghan Schell

      Brotip...and its funny because it's true. Richard always answers when Bastian hands him a phone lol

    • Marian Cosentino Strok

      Looking forward to this. Sara loved toy phones...wait...some things really don't change.

    • Navin Maredia

      Hahaha the things i have to do for nieces and nephews...

    • Jessica Anton

      aside from the language, this is pretty funny

    • Michele McCready

      Brotip... This is too funny

    • Andrea Guernsey

      this made me laugh

    • Ed G

      true dat

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    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    perfect has 7 letters so does foooood. coincidence? i think not – Shirtoopia

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