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Always, ALWAYS have some Epsom's Salt on hand. Get a lush lawn, rejuvenate your scalp, and remove your blackheads...all with the power of Epsom salt. Check out what else you can do!

25 Uses for Epsom salt - don’t miss this huge list of clever ways to use Epsom salt in your everyday life! A must pin!

How to heal cavities naturally. No more "drill it and fill it". How cool is this?

20 uses for Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a Garden Miracle Worker ! It works as a fertilizer, pest deterrent, and seed starter! As well as greatly enhancing the quality of shrubs and lawn ! And will aid in fool proof thriving Tomatoes & Full Flowering Bulbs ! By Droping 1 cup Epsom salt and 1 cup of granulated sugar along with a few eggshells into your potting hole ! This one ingredient will ease your effort while Producing Beautiful Lush Results !

Pinner says this works! I did it on all my outside windows and now they look amazing!

9 Feel-Good Uses for Epsom Salts

doing this in other peoples bathrooms would be hilarious

we have a Stress Relieving Bath Soak to ward off the worries! For 20 minutes, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of Edens Garden Lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda. This mix of essential oils and simple ingredients can help draw out toxins, lower stress-related hormones, and balance your pH levels. Bottom lines are no match. ‪#‎essentialoils‬ ‪#‎edensgarden‬ ‪#‎homeremedy‬ ‪#‎stressfree‬ ‪#‎naturalremedy‬ ‪#‎homeDIY‬ ‪#‎naturalliving‬

20 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt

I am never buying white strips again!: dip q-tip in hydrogen peroxide (the key ingredient in whitestrips) and apply to surface of teeth for 30 sec before brushing teeth) once a day for a few days. My teeth looked noticeably whiter after doing this only 2x

Handy ways to use plastic wrap!

12 Uses for Vicks VapoRub -a pinned says: my favorite that I learned while in Mexico: put Vicks on a mosquito bite and it takes away the itching! It is the best remedy I have ever found. Everyone always looked at me crazily when I told them of my Mexican remedy, and now I have this article to back me up :)

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Removing scratches from DVDs, CDs, etc. I must try.

Uses For Epsom Salt In The Home And Garden

DIY Laundry Detergent-6 ingrediants and cost about $28 a year! This recipe makes a batch that will last a year!

There are so many awesome uses for borax around the house! Keeps pesky critters away and is an awesome thrifty household cleaner! Check out all the uses!!

Handcrafted Woodland Bath Salts – Bowl & Pitcher

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