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    Always, ALWAYS have some Epsom's Salt on hand. Get a lush lawn, rejuvenate your scalp, and remove your blackheads...all with the power of Epsom salt. Check out what else you can do!

    How to heal cavities naturally. No more "drill it and fill it". How cool is this?

    20 uses for Epsom Salt

    doing this in other peoples bathrooms would be hilarious

    12 Uses for Vicks VapoRub -a pinned says: my favorite that I learned while in Mexico: put Vicks on a mosquito bite and it takes away the itching! It is the best remedy I have ever found. Everyone always looked at me crazily when I told them of my Mexican remedy, and now I have this article to back me up :)

    9 Feel-Good Uses for Epsom Salts

    Handy ways to use plastic wrap!

    Uses For Epsom Salt In The Home And Garden

    list of senior citizen discounts...from age 50 up

    These have so many uses

    Epson Salt; Face Mask/ Beauty, Acne/blackheads, Hemmorhiods, Detoxing the body, Liver Cleanse, Exfoliant, Cramping, Diabetes, PMS, Stress, Laxative, Drawing, Infections/Splinters, Garden Fertilizer, Oily Hair, Oily Skin, Skin Irritations / Rashes, Sore Muscles, Bug Bites, Arthritis / Soar Joints, Chicken Pox, Ingrown Toenail, Reduces Swelling, Condition related to inflammation, Improve absorption of nutrients, and Migrains

    There are so many awesome uses for borax around the house! Keeps pesky critters away and is an awesome thrifty household cleaner! Check out all the uses!!

    17 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt… Some You Won’t Believe

    DIY Peel-Off Mask for Blackhead Removal. I tried this just now and it is amazing! My face is like baby skin. The mask does take out blackheads. Ew. It works though!

    Cast Iron 101 - How to season and care for your cast iron skillet!

    DIY Laundry Detergent-6 ingrediants and cost about $28 a year! This recipe makes a batch that will last a year!

    EXPERT TIPS: HOW TO REMOVE WATER RINGS FROM WOOD... caused by water glasses left too long on your wood furniture. | Photo: William Wright |

    Laundry stain removal tips and techniques, such as for presoaking and pretreating spots and spills so you've got a better chance to get them out! {on Stain Removal 101}

    Pinner says this works! I did it on all my outside windows and now they look amazing!

    Varicose vein body butter (and list of essential oils that fight varicose veins) | The Crunchy Moose