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  • Thea Alarcon

    hair how-to : the sexy bouffant #hair #beauty #tutorial

  • Stephanie Streight

    I love this hairstyle, however I'm cracking up at the instruction pictures. They don't show you anything on how to achieve this. Grab a section of hair at the crown and clip it to the side, grab a section behind the clipped hair, and hold it. Then smooth one side and hold it there. Then curl with a flat iron. TaaaDaaa!!! Haha! Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial-LOVE THE HAIR COLOR

  • Fenny Lord

    hair tutorials for long hair styles

  • Jackie Zervoulei

    DIY Big Booty Bouffant Hairstyle Do It Yourself Fashion Tips -girl hair styles DIY Fashion Projects -girl hair styles

  • Melinda Kirk

    Bouffant Hair Tutorial - because I do love some big hair

  • INTERNO 42

    Big Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial | great hairstyle! Must try.

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Brigitte Bardot Hair. LOL, I'm trying to figure out why they call this the big booty bouffant... the only thing I can figure out is this looks like Adele's hair! I guess the big hair balances out the big a**, (which means I had to pin it...)

Christmas party hair?? Now I need a 50s inspired dress to go with... that will show off my bumptastic body lol

Gorgeous bun tutorial! Create a simple yet different look in just a few minutes. has great hair products to keep every strand in place.

I have long hair...I just have to figure out how to work it!

Flower hair style

Some day, when my husband's job doesn't require me to make occasional appearances at company events, I'm doing this.

"Sweet soft summer nights Dancing shadows in the distant lights You came for me to follow And we kissed on distant shores." -Chad And Jeremy

How to do a twisted ponytail // love this look! I love this, but my hair is so thick that I don't know if I could pin it back like in the third step, it always falls out really fast when I try to do similar things.