While there's no "I" in "team", there's a "U" in "failure"...


haha yes!

So true!!

I feel bad for laughing....



For your next nerdy party

Mr Spock would want for you to use this terrific lighter. It's only logical. All lighters are ready to use upon arrival. Suitable for smokers, barbequers, Buddhist monks and anyone who needs a light. Disposable lighters are non-refillable. All lighters are quality tested before shipping.

can't breath...

Live long and prosper ... or not.

No means no Captain Kirk. Kirk thinks he is above the rules for misconduct, Spock will set him straight!


"Seat belts and air bags - apparently lost technologies." Hey, we still don't know how the Egyptians preserved roses...


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Funny Star Trek Pictures – 32 Pics | #Spock #Chocolate

Think about it...

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