Damn kitties.



ohp ok

this made me laugh out loud! haha

funny quotes about ice cream truck

Damn americans

The New New Girl

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haha ryan gosling creepy cookie guy

Top 10 Funniest Weeds Quotes my fav is if theyre too young to bleed, theyre too young for weed. No grass on the field, no grass will they yield

Too funny

Oh my. Hilariousness.. Swear words, fyi. Protect your prissy, uptight eyes for heaven's sake!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 70 Pics


Too cool not to pin

i died

Oh my gosh, it's like James Bond in the kids department! I can totally imagine a kid saying, come now kermit, the frog. Tell us what we want to know! Give us the secrets! (kermit) never. Ok we have ways of making you talk, if you do not talk, the pig gets it. (Miss Piggy) No, Don't you dare say anything, I'll always love you my Kerme.… (try to imagine it & use the voices)

Cannot stop laughing.

Every time.