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Most chickadees are nesting in the forest. One lone chickadee greeted me as I picked snap peas in the garden. Letters from My Pacific Northwest Garden © Pam Holladay Artist via her

DIY Art for a Lot Less Than You Think

Let your walls bloom with beautiful homemade artwork. Find free botanical images online and print them on old book pages. To create a textural mat, cut linen a little larger than the page and machine stitch 1/4 inch from all edges. Fray the edges by pulling out threads down to the stitched line. Machine-stitch the page to the linen mat, then hang using bulldog clips.

Why not just send it through the printer with your favorite black and white photo - Dishfunctional Designs: Upcycled Sheet Music Crafts

This is so smart! Turn a cheap shower curtain into a large, expensive-looking piece of wall art by stapling it to a homemade frame!

Fine Art Print on Vintage Dictionary Page - Vintage Encyclopedia Print - Upcycled Book - Salvaged Vintage Book Print

Photos printed on old book pages. Would love to do this on the pages of my fav books and frame them!