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jonathancarrollstories: Los números de Kim Addonizio ¿Cuántas noches he permanecido aquí de esta manera, febril con planes, con temores, con la última frase que alguien hablaba, todavía tratando de terminar una conversación ya ha terminado? ¿Cuántas noches se desperdicia en no dormir, ¿cuántos en el sueño-No sé cómo tiene hambre hay, cuánto brillo o la sal, ¿cuántas veces el mundo se rompe, se desintegra en la nada y empieza de nuevo en el curso de una hora ordinaria. No sé cómo Dios puede sop

An independent woman should have a man worthy of her and so a open minded man deserves a woman who can make both their flaws seem compatible

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Make the best of your cloudy day! Diffused light everywhere creates a soft, romantic feel. Notice her pose too, playful but feminine, snuggling in closer for a very sweet embrace.

"Two things saved us in life: LOVE and laugh. If you have one it's okay. If you have both you're invincible."

time stood still as they stood in that moment embracing each other.. .it was as if forever stood still just for them. .. "(c) 2013 b4technicolor"

"'Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark our coming, and look brighter when we come."

That I'm so proud of you hug. Bikini Empire is a locally made surf bikini line from Vancouver. We love all things fantastic, fashionable, and local!

People seriously need to fucking learn this. Tired of seeing fake couples that use each other for whatever reason: money, security.. whatever! STOP using people and being so desperate to have a partner. When its meant to happen, it'll happen.. Quit wasting someone elses time in finding their real partner and taking them for granted. I CANT.