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I will never need to buy anything else because this has improved the quality of my hair and has helped it grow thicker and faster than ever. No more breakage and my hair is growing like crazy. I also have baby hair growing from my scalp! This product lasts about three months and that is with me and my husband using it. So for me it’s a great value in more ways than one.

Hello to another sunny Sunday and this time from Lisbon, Portugal. These past days i realized that my hair needs a change, i love the color, but i am bored with the current hairstyle and i decided to search for some shorter versions of Ombré. To clarify why Ombré: for 2 years i have been…

that girl has got great hair (: Once my bangs grow out, I'm doing this.

Natural and gorge

Auburn Brown honey blonde coloring.

Natural and gorge

Before & After Gallery | DKW Styling

I've always thought about having short hair, but no I won't be able to style:(

Spring hair style for medium hair xx

love this ombre that isn't solid blonde on the bottom :)

Example of Balayage. Remember, it's supposed to look natural, so you will probably only go 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color. sun-kissed appearance to your hair and is not as bold as foil highlights. Typically the bangs or hair framing ones face are highlighted in this process and gradually appear lighter at the ends

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GUY is a GENIUS. Hair curled | Yelp if I ever have the guts to dye my hair

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Subtle ombre inspiration. Caramel, light brown ombre highlights give a natural look. #hair

back when Miley was rocking an ombre bob. I absolutely love this girls!!

Miley Cyrus rocks the trendy ombre color with her shoulder-length locks

lovebesthairbuy: perfect ombre hair

brunette+ombre+hair+color+2014 | Ombre Hair Color for Short Hair 2014

honeyed this is the HOT TREND in HAIR COLOR right now, but I think it should stick around for a bit....less coloring on the hair, less chemicals, less damage, less money spent to repair and care :)

This is it, new hair color for summer :) Love the low lights + peek-a-boo highlights framing the face!

balayage short hair - Google Search... Way too light of a color for me but beautiful!

Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends Guide