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Cancer Cancer, a generic term for a large group of diseases which can affect any part of the body, is the leading cause of death worldwide.

DCA definitely *has* been linked to many cases of cancer remission...too bad Big Pharma cares more about the bottom line than human life. (more research needed)

Cancer cells' survival mechanism with tumor suppression mechanisms identified

cancer...the minute that comes up in a doctors office, this is pretty much what your brain looks like. :-/

This are all words I am all to familiar with, but the will NOT define the rest of my LONG life!!!

Cancer is small compared to my God. Cancer is real but so is my God.

This series gives a honest yet funny look into the cancer experience

cancer.... being brave, and so beautiful. I know too many people who have no choice to be brave and so beautiful....we love you

TOMORROW (october 2nd) EVERYONE WEAR SOMETHING PINK! -shoes -socks -bow -nail polish -whatever!!!!!! ♥ -Micaela