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    Some deals are winners, but other times, they get away.

    Oh. My. God.

    Survey: Would YOU buy this shirt? Ashley Broad (ashleyhcp) on Twitter

    hardcore pawn

    Hardcore Pawn

    Rich from Hardcore Pawn!!!

    If it's got wheels, it's probably rolled through American Jewelry and Loan at one time or another.

    As though pawn shops in Detroit weren't enough like "Lord Of The Flies."

    "I'll take the doll, but not her necklace."

    Rings, meet bling. Bling, meet rings.

    Axes Of Power Guitars are always coming in and out.

    Les knows what he's looking for.

    This wasn't the first clash with her brother, and it certainly won't be the last.

    Meltdown eminent! Meltdown eminent!

    Rich has been on the receiving end of Les' anger before.

    For years, both Les and Seth have had a high opinion of Rich's insight when it comes to making deals.

    In his time at American Jewelry and Loan, Rich has picked up more than a few tricks of the pawn broking trade.

    Seth has money on his mind.

    The queen of the castle.

    I don't know what Ashley's looking at, but I hope it doesn't jump out at me at night.

    The window is where the action is.

    I'm WHAT? What did Les just say to Rich?!!!

    When Ashley's right, she's right.

    Love the D! 8 mile road sign